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A judicial clerkship is one of the most valuable experiences a Campbell Law School graduate can pursue following graduation. Judicial clerks have the benefit of an on-the-job education that also serves as a stepping-stone into the legal market. It can be a significant asset to your legal career, regardless of which specialty or position you pursue. Moreover, a judicial clerkship is a valuable life experience in itself—one that offers a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a courtroom into the practical workings of a judge's chambers. Below is a list of resources for students who intend to apply for a judicial clerkship.

Judicial Clerkship Guide More ▼

Judicial Clerkship Guide (PDF)
A comprehensive guide to understanding and applying for judicial clerkships

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Online System for Clerkship Application & Review (OSCAR) More ▼

Online System for Clerkship Application & Review (OSCAR) – the central database of federal clerkship vacancies and application procedures managed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts

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Judicial Clerkships More ▼

National Center of State Courts – an independent, nonprofit court improvement organization

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North Carolina Court System More ▼

North Carolina Court System

North Carolina Business Court – a speialized forum of the trial division of the North Carolina State Courts

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“I came to this externship expecting to find which type of law I would like to practice, but instead I found what kind of lawyer I would like to be.”
Kim Lehman, Class of 2011
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