Campbell Law School

Our Academic Program

Campbell Law School holds students to the highest standards of thinking, writing and speaking. The curriculum demands that students routinely make relevant and valid judgments, integrate values and maintain the highest standards of professional excellence.
The curriculum’s challenging nature also stems from our commitment to a professional legal education, combining theoretical inquiry with practical skills development.
To accomplish this goal, our course of instruction is exceptionally rigorous. Success results from students analyzing the law, constructing and evaluating legal arguments, and resolving legal problems.
Campbell’s program provides students with comprehensive skills training in planning, counseling, negotiation, legal drafting, trial and appellate advocacy,  and alternative forms of dispute resolution.
To succeed at Campbell Law School students must work hard, but they are supported by our small class sizes and our faculty’s dedication to mentoring students. Graduates appreciate the academic demands as they enter the practice of law, confident that they are fully prepared for a successful legal career.