Campbell Law School

The Campbell Law Externship Program


The Campbell Law Externship Program gives every student the opportunity to achieve meaningful educational experiences in the public-service environment, including nonprofit organizations, public organizations, law firms, and with corporate counsel. 

Campbell law externs serve in a variety of areas:

* Public service

* Nonprofit organizations

* Corporate counsel

* Private practice – Pro Bono

Recent externship placements include:

* Federal judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and agencies

* State district attorneys, public defenders, and legal aid

* State trial and appellate courts

* State agencies, commissions, and boards

* Bankruptcy judges and courts

* City and county governments

* Medical / health care

* Corporate counsel, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations

* Pro Bono work with private law firms

85% of recent graduates completed one or more externships with corporate, government, non-profit and pro bono private practice employers

Recent externship placements include:

*Private firms that commit to having these externs work only on the firm’s pro bono cases. Some firms have partnered with local legal aid offices.







“I came to this externship expecting to find which type of law I would like to practice, but instead found what type of lawyer I would like to be.”
Kim Lehman (U.S. District Judge)
For more information:
Assistant Clinical Professor Allegra Collins
Director of the Externship Program
Campbell Law School
225 Hillsborough Street, Suite 432
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