Campbell Law School

Faculty Services

The law library provides a variety of services to the law school faculty. The following library services are provided to faculty members at Campbell Law School.

Research Support

The Campbell Law Library provides a variety of services for the Law School faculty. Reference librarians will work with you and other members of your research team to help you locate information and identify and obtain relevant books, articles, and electronic resources to assist your teaching and scholarship.

Reference Services

Reference services are designed to ensure effective use of the Campbell Law Library's collection of print and electronic resources. Our reference librarians are experienced legal researchers and instructors, all of whom hold dual degrees in law and library science.

Reference librarians will help you locate information; identify relevant books; articles and electronic resources; develop search strategies for catalogs, databases, the web and indexes and provide assistance in legal research methodology for finding cases and statutes. Research librarians can:

  1. Research lectures on topics covered in your course;
  2. Recommend online and print resources for inclusion on course Blackboard pages;
  3. Collaboration in gathering and monitoring information for scholarship; and
  4. Provide orientation and specialized training for research assistants.


Faculty Liaison Program

All governing faculty are formally assigned an individual reference librarian who serves as your liaison. While we encourage you to use any of the departmental contacts listed throughout this page, your liaison librarian is your best contact for information about Library services and research requests because the liaison focuses on knowing your areas of teaching and scholarship and providing services to support them. Your liaison librarian should arrange to meet with you at the beginning of each semester to discuss your current needs, and is available throughout the year to support your research and instruction. Contact Olivia Weeks ( or 919.865.5870) with questions about the Faculty Liaison program.


Faculty Research Assistants

For short-term research projects during the academic year, all faculty members may request the services of student research assistants to assist in research projects. Faculty member can request that these students be trained and supervised by reference librarians. To request research assistant training, contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871) or Stephen Chan ( or 919.865.5873)


Routing & Alert Services

Routing Services

To keep you informed of the latest legal news and scholarship, we can send you the most recent copies of law journals and legal newspapers when they arrive in the library. To request routing of a particular title (or to modify your existing routing list), contact Sophia Gregory ( or 919.865.5867).

Alert Services

Many publishers allow us to set up periodic electronic notifications to you about new books, journal articles, cases, amendments to statutes, and working papers in your areas of interest. To set up an alert contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871) or Stephen Chan ( or 919.865.5873). Here are some of the major services we can set up for you:

  1. New Titles: Biweekly email notice of new books and journals that the library has recently purchased in your selected subject areas. Each item in your alert includes a delivery request link in order to facilitate office routing.
  2. Working Papers: Both of these products allow you to read the newest works of scholarship before they are published. The Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) includes scholarship in 11 major disciplines, including: economics, finance, management, and law. BePress has institution-specific and subject-specific working paper databases which you may browse or search, including a repository of legal scholarship working papers. Both products allow you to set up subject, author or repository-specific searches to be run periodically, with the results automatically forwarded to you.
  3. Law Journal Articles: We can help you set up email notification of new law journal articles through Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP). The law library's subscription gives each faculty member the opportunity to create a personalized SmartCILP profile to reflect his or her academic interests or research needs.
  4. LexisNexis & Westlaw: We can assist you in setting up periodic searches in LexisNexis and/or Westlaw, including searches for new legislation, cases, journal articles or news articles. These alerts will be run at an interval of your choosing (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.), and delivered to your e-mail.


Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service provided by the law library for all faculty members. This service is used to obtain books, journal articles, and other materials that the library does not own.

The law library attempts to process all ILL requests within one business day of receiving them. Requests submitted on a weekend will be processed the following Monday. After processing, the library depends on the lending libraries to fill the requests as soon as possible. Typically, articles requested via ILL arrive in 1-4 business days. Books usually arrive in 7-10 business days. Patrons may keep photocopies of articles obtained via ILL; these do not have to be returned. All other ILL items (books, DVDs, etc.) must be returned to the law library in 3-4 weeks. The due date will appear on a cover strip attached to the book.

Please search the law library catalog before making an ILL request. Many times the material can be found in the law library, in the university library, or in an electronic database. In most instances, the library can borrow from other libraries at no charge. If a lending library charges for interlibrary loan, the library will absorb the cost up to $20. If you have questions, please contact Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).


Photocopying Services

The library provides some photocopying services. Articles available on HeinOnline or a similar resources can be printed and delivered to your offices. If you would like a copy of an article from our periodicals collection submit your request to Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).


Circulation Services

Loan Policy

The normal faculty loan periods for various law library items are listed in the chart below.

Faculty Loan Periods for Law Library Items

Item Type
Loan Period
Audio/Video Tapes, CDs, DVDs 7 Days
Books Academic Year
Reserve Books Academic Year
Reference Books Academic Year
Law Reviews & Journals Academic Year
Serials & Looseleafs Academic Year
Microform Do Not Circulate

* Loan periods for Campbell University Wiggins Memorial Library and the Gilbert T. Stephenson Business Library may vary.


Renew Items & Check My Account

To view your Library account information, go to the My Account page. Once logged in, you will be able to renew items currently checked out to you. If you require assistance, please contact the circulation desk at 919.865.5869 or Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874). We will be glad to renew your items for you. Some items may have renewal limits.

We encourage you to return materials to the circulation desk as soon as possible to ensure that materials are available to other law library users. Courtesy notices will be generated by the automated circulation system should your checked out items become overdue.



Overdue Items

As a courtesy, the law library emails overdue notices for items not returned by the due date. If you discover an error in an overdue notice, please let us know as soon as possible. Please note that failure to renew or return items in a timely manner may cause an automatic block of your borrowing privileges by the automated circulation system. If this occurs, please contact the circulation desk at 919.865.5869 or Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).


Recalled Items

Circulating items may be recalled for use by another patron. The new due date for recalled items is indicated on the recall notice. If you fail to respond to a recall notice, the automated circulation system may automatically block your borrowing privileges until the recalled item has been returned to the library.


Classroom Support

Research Lectures & Tutorials

Reference librarians have the expertise to guide your students on researching particular areas of law for your courses. If you would like to arrange a lecture or tutorial on legal research for one of your courses, please contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871) or Stephen Chan ( or 919.865.5873).

Research Resources for Blackboard

We can add both static and dynamic research information to your Blackboard course site, including RSS feeds and research guides created specifically for your course. Contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871) or Stephen Chan ( or 919.865.5873) if you would like research resources added to your course web page.

Course Reserves

The law library can place books on reserve and facilitate the posting of documents on Blackboard for your classes. Contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871) or Stephen Chan ( or 919.865.5873) to arrange either service



TurningPoint (Clickers)

TurningPoint audience response system allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using clickers or other hand-held/computer devices. Using a TurningPoint audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses and dramatically improve productivity and results for your student. Engage your students, assess learning, or gather data for your research.

Wireless Network

All faculty members with laptop or tablet computers may access the wireless network. With the proper equipment, students can access the network on both floors of the library and throughout the law school building. The information needed to log onto the wireless network is available from the law school's Technology department or from University Computing Services.

Laptops or tablet computers that are infected with computer viruses or worms will be denied access to the wireless network.


Proxy Server

The Campbell University Libraries have established a proxy server to provide legitimate Campbell users coming in from other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) access to restricted web-based databases. Certain Internet resources at Campbell are, for contract and license-related reasons, restricted to clients in the domain. Faculty, staff, and students who access the Internet through commercial ISPs off-campus are not able to access these restricted databases.

The proxy server allows Campbell faculty, staff, and students to have access to all of the law library's web-based resources regardless of the physical location of the user.

How the proxy server works

When you first try to access a remote database, you will be directed to a login page. Enter your username and password in the text boxes on the page. After you are authenticated, you will then be directed to the database you have chosen. The login page will appear only once in each session.

How to login

To log in to the proxy server you need to enter in your webAccess username for your username and your webAccess password for your password. If you have any questions about your webAccess account, you can go to or contact Computing Services Helpdesk at 910.893.1208 for assistance.

Need help

If you are experiencing problems using the proxy service, please call the main campus reference department at 910.893.1467. Alternately, you can email the main campus reference department at


Publication Services

The law library provides global access to your scholarship through the Campbell Law Scholarly Repository, and through submission to other major repositories such as the Social Science Research Network and ExpressO. In addition, we regularly gather and publish notices of your recent scholarship. To notify us of items you want included in any of these resources, please contact Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5847).

Campbell Law Scholarly Repository

The Scholarly Repository is the institutional repository of Campbell University Law School. Its purpose is to collect and preserve the intellectual output of the law school’s faculty, staff, and students as well as preserve the history of the law school. The repository is a service of the Campbell Law library.

Click here to access the Campbell Law Scholarly Repository.


Berkeley Electronic Press (BePress)

The Berkeley Electronic Press is an electronic alternative to the traditional system of scholarly publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals. All bepress journal articles are peer-reviewed by leading scholars with a turnaround time from submission to publication of as little as eight weeks.

Click here to access BePress. (Campbell Law email account required).



The law library subscribes to Berkeley Electronic Press and has an institutional account that allows the Campbell Law faculty to submit preprint law review manuscripts for publication. The preprint service, ExpressO, is designed to ease the administrative burden of submitting multiple copies of a manuscript to multiple law reviews for publication. Using ExpressO, an author can upload a manuscript to the ExpressO website and select the law reviews to which he or she would like to submit the article for publication. ExpressO distributes the manuscripts electronically or in print to the law reviews that have been selected.

Click here to access ExpressO. Click on "Create a Free Account" and fill out the electronic registration form as instructed and select a password.

When complete, ExpressO will email you confirmation indicating that your account is active. Follow the link in the confirmation email to begin using your account. For further information regarding ExpressO, contact Caitlin Swift ( or 919.865.5871).


Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) provides access to scholarship including working papers in accounting, economics, financial economics, law, and management. Search by author and by title and abstract keywords. Most papers are available for download in .pdf format. SSRN requires you to register in order to download articles.

The law library also subscribes to the Legal Scholarship Network, a division of Social Sciences Research Network, that hosts and distributes scholarly information and papers related to law, economics, and business to scholars and practitioners.

Click here to access SSRN's Legal Scholarship Network.


New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO)

The New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO) Legal Scholarship Repository provides a free and persistent point of access for working papers, reports, lecture series, workshop presentations, and other scholarship created by faculty at NELLCO member schools. Content on the site is picked up by search engines such as Google. Papers on the site can be downloaded for free, and readers can sign up to receive custom notifications of newly posted papers.

The law library is an affiliate member of NELLCO. Click here access to NELLCO's Legal Scholarship Repository.