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Faculty, staff, and students can easily access print and electronic resources located in the collection. While online research is replacing traditional book research in many areas of law practice, the vast body of legal scholarship still remains primarily in print format. The library remains deeply committed to maintaining and expanding its print collections, while at the same time providing full access to the latest online databases. It is crucial to maintain print collections so that students and scholars will be able to study the history and development of law. See the library's collection development policy.

Core Collection

Included in the core collection are all materials necessary to support the basic legal education curriculum. This includes reported decisions of all federal and state appellate courts, federal and state legislation, and administrative rules and regulations. The library subscribes to a number of legal periodicals and many non-legal and law-related periodicals, and makes selected government documents and pamphlets available as well. The library's treatise collection, which is devoted to both legal and interdisciplinary research is constantly expanding.

In addition to the traditional tools of legal research, the library subscribes to Westlaw, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, Index to Legal Periodicals Full-Text, Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective, BNA, and other online legal research systems that aid in the retrieval of case law, federal regulations, and other primary and secondary source materials. These online legal research systems enable users to access other information banks, such as Westlaw Business and News Service and the LexisNexis News Library.


North Carolina Collection

The complete collection of North Carolina materials is located on the second floor of the library. The collection includes treatises on North Carolina law, practice materials, and CLE publications, among other works. Some highly used North Carolina materials may be kept on reserve. A  secondary collection of North Carolina primary sources is also available on the first floor. The library houses the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Briefs and Records off-site.


United States Collection

The library has an excellent working collection of federal, North Carolina, and other states' materials.  Unlike many law libraries, the Campbell Law Library has continued to collect widely for all of the southeastern states. As one of the major legal research facilities in eastern North Carolina, the library also supports the practicing bar to the extent that its needs overlap with the educational mission of the law school. The library provides a wide range of practice materials, such as treatises, form books, explanatory texts, and legal research guides.

To supplement the print collection, the library subscribes to a variety of electronic databases for accessing primary law as well as secondary sources. Access to these electronic sources supplements the library's print resources, but these databases do not replace them.


Popular DVD Collection

This is a collection of feature films with law or law-related themes.  Included are such classics as To Kill a Mockingbird, 12 Angry Men, Anatomy of a Murder, Witness for the Prosecution, and Judgment at Nuremburg. There are also a number of documentaries, trials, and trial advocacy materials in the collection. The films are in DVD or VHS format. The collection is housed at the main circulation desk located on the second floor of the library.