Campbell Law School

Attorney Services


The Campbell Law Library is proud to be a resource for members of the North Carolina Bar.  The following library services are provided to attorneys.

Access Policy

Practicing North Carolina Bar members and their staff are welcome to use the library collection or services during library hours. In order to use the library, law firm staff members (i.e. paralegals and legal assistants) must provide written authorization on firm letterhead from their supervising attorney to the security officer on duty.

Services available include:

  1. Library use during normal business hours;
  2. Library borrowing privileges;
  3. Document delivery services;
  4. Use of the Attorney Resource Room;
  5. On-campus complimentary access to Westlaw and KeyCite Public Access; and
  6. On-campus access to most of the library's subscription databases.

For more information regarding the library's policies, click here.

Research Resources


The law library provides practicing members of the North Carolina Bar with the most comprehensive and up-to-date legal databases and research materials available. Attorneys have access to all of the library's electronic research resources through workstations in the library and wireless access throughout the library and law school. To view a complete list of the library's collection of electronic resources, see the Databases page.

Law Library Catalog

The law library's online catalog, CamelCat, provides a sophisticated interface for library functions and public access needs. Users can access bibliographic records for all of the library's titles, both on-campus and from remote locations, 24 hours a day, through the library's website. To search the law library's catalog, try an Advanced Search.

Westlaw Public Access

The law library provides complimentary limited access to Westlaw on two public access computers. To access Westlaw, simply click on the desktop icon labeled "Westlaw Public Access." If you have any questions, please contact a library staff member.

With Westlaw Public Access attorneys can search only North Carolina primary federal and state law, journals as well as validate research with KeyCite.

Circulation Services

Borrowing Procedures

Members of the North Carolina Bar may borrow law library material with a special bar-coded card obtained after completing a form provided by a library staff member. For more information regarding attorney borrower's card, contact Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).

Law firm staff members (i.e. paralegals or legal assistants) may use their supervising attorney's special bar-coded card to check material out.


Loan Periods

Circulating law library materials are subject to a recall at any time. Revised due dates are communicated via email. If a recalled item is not returned by the revised due date, borrowing privileges may be restricted. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).

Loan periods for circulating books and treatises vary according to the status of the borrower and the type of material.

Attorney Loan Periods for Law Library Items

Item Type
Loan Period
Reserve Books 2 Hours
Books/Monographs 28 Days
Law Reviews & Journals Do Not Circulate
Microform Do Not Circulate
Serials & Looseleafs Do Not Circulate
Reference Books Do Not Circulate

Return Procedures

All circulating library materials must be returned to the circulation desk by their due date. If materials are not returned by the due date, the borrower will be notified. Borrowers receive two notices via email before a bill is issued.


Overdue, Fines & Lost Items

Attorneys receive an email reminder three days before an item’s due date. If the item is not returned, three overdue notices are sent:

  1. One day after the due date;
  2. One week after the due date; nd
  3. Two weeks after the due date.

Fines accrue at $0.25 per day per item and should be paid when the book is returned. After the third overdue notice, the material is assumed lost and a billing notice is sent. Attorneys are charged the cost of the item plus a $25.00 processing fee. If the item is returned, the attorney is only responsible for the processing fee. Correspondence concerning overdues, fines or bills should be directed to Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).

*Reminder and overdue notices are a courtesy and failure to receive one does not relieve the attorney of responsibility.


Other Library Services


Reference Services

While the needs of Campbell Law students, faculty and staff are first priority, the reference librarians also assist members of the North Carolina Bar.

Reference librarians may:

  1. help patrons locate law library resources;
  2. instruct patrons in the use of library materials and electronic resources;
  3. suggest appropriate resources and research strategies;
  4. look up readily available information, such as legal citation verifications, addresses or telephone numbers;
  5. assist patrons with locating resources not found in the law library collection; and
  6. refer patrons to other libraries or institutions for materials.

Reference librarians are not allowed to:

  1. conduct legal research on patron's behalf;
  2. interpret the law;
  3. provide legal advice;
  4. read statutes, cases, court rules, or definitions over the phone; and
  5. confirm that resources currently are on the shelf and available to use.

For more information regarding reference services, see the law library's policies.

By Telephone

Attorneys may request reference assistance by telephone at 919.865.5869. However, individuals requesting assistance in person receive priority. Telephone assistance is limited by the library's policies and by the availability of staff.

By Email

The reference librarians offer email services to enable attorney to ask simple, direct questions (e.g. book or legal citation verifications, business addresses or telephone numbers). However, individuals requesting assistance in person receive priority.


Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are located behind the circulation desk on the second floor. Reserve materials circulate within the law library only. The reserve colelction contains the most current hornbooks, general research aids, major topical treatises, North Carolina practice books, and audio CDs.


Document Delivery

Within the limits prescribed by U.S. copyright laws, the library fills photocopy request for attorneys. Request must contain accurate and complete citations, name, billing address, and telephone number. The charge for each request is $0.15 per page plus an additional $2.00 per citation. Every effort is made to provide service within 24 hours. Requests may be placed by contacting Kim Hocking ( or 919.865.5874).


Attorney Resource Room

The Attorney Resource Room is located on the first floor of the library and is available for visiting attorneys as a place to do research or hold meetings. This room is equipped with wireless access, phone access, and two public access computers.

To reserve this room contact Professor Olivia Weeks ( or 919.865.5870).



Copiers & Printers

The law library has two self-service photocopiers located in the Library Photocopy Center (203D). The charge for black and white copies is $0.10 per page. If you wish to make copies while you are in the library, please ask the circulation assistant or a library staff member for assistance. Please remember to logout after making copies or printouts!


Scanning & Faxing


The law library has two self-service photocopiers located in the Library Photocopy Center that also function as a flat-bed scanner. You may scan multiple flat sheets or pages from a book.

Scans are delivered via email as .pdf files. Note that some .pdf files are quite large and may exceed the capacity of the law school's email provider.


The law library fax machine is located in the Library Conference Room (203E). The fax machine is available for use by attorneys. The charge for faxes is $0.50 per page. No international faxes will be sent. Incoming faxes will not be accepted.

Ask a library staff member for assistance.


Public Computers

There are ten public computers located on the second floor of the library and five public computers located on the first floor of the library. These computers provide Internet access and the ability to print to the library's photocopiers. For instructions on how to print from the library's public computers, please see a circulation assistant or library staff member.

Two public computers provide limited access to Westlaw, including North Carolina state and federal primary sources as well as KeyCite.


Wireless Network

All attorneys with laptop or tablet computers may access the wireless network. With the proper equipment, attorneys can access the network on both floors of the library and throughout the law school building. Please ask the circulation assistant or a library staff member for the information needed to log onto the wireless network.

Laptop or tablet computer users who want to print will need to use one of the library's public computers to print. Latops or tablet computers that are infected with computer viruses or worms will be denied access to the wireless network.