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Dean's BBQ Dinner Invitation

Friday, August 5th.  Open to 1L students and their families, SBA officers, law school faculty, staff and families; walking distance from law school -- take Hillsborough to capitol building; walk across capitol building grounds and come out on other side on New Bern Place; to avoid long food lines, those with surnames beginning with A-K are encouraged to arrive at 6:00-6:30, and those with surnames beginning with L-Z at 6:30 or later.

RSVP requested via this link: 

Orientation Schedule

A note from the Campbell University Business Office - We will not begin transferring funds for books until August 1st. Students are welcome to send the requests now and we will hold them but no funds will be placed on the cards until August 1.

Professional Headshots - Please wear courtroom attire on Friday, August 5th.  See below.  Also, please complete the publicity release form, and bring your completed form with you on August 5th.  

Professional Courtroom Attire Guidelines: Men should wear a business suit or jacket and tie with slacks. Women should wear a business suit (pant suit or skirt suit) or business separates with a jacket. No bare shoulders. Women should avoid wearing heels over 2.5 inches.

I.T. Information - Blackboard, Email, WebAdvisor, Etc. More ▼

Buying a New Computer?

*Updated 7-6-15*  View recommended specifications here.

For instructions on accessing WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and Campbell email, please refer to the Computing Services BrochureNote that your email address will contain the first letter of your first name, first letter of your middle name, last name, and day/month of birth.  This is the default format.  If you encounter an issue while setting up your user ID/email address, try substituting an underscore for your middle initial.  If that doesn't work, please contact the HelpDesk.  Their number is listed in the brochure.

Intranet:  Our intranet is called AllAccess.  Please refer to your April monthly update for login information.

Microsoft Office 365:  Office 365 Pro will allow you to access Office products from up to 5 computers and also up to 5 mobile devices. You would also have the option of accessing the Office products from any computer through – without needing any software on the computer you are using.

To install Office 365, you must create a Microsoft Live account using your Campbell email address, i.e.

For mobile devices you can install from either the App Store for Apple devices or the Play store for Android devices. They will both use the Microsoft Live account you created when setting up the software on your laptop or desktop computer.

We have created instructions for the process and placed them on the IT Help page. It is important that you uninstall any existing versions of Office that we have provided you, before installing Office 365 Pro. This process will not affect any saved documents on your hard drive.

We would encourage you to continue to use Google Drive for storing documents and this Google plugin will make that very easy from within Office applications, like Word, Excel and Powerpoint -

At any time, please come by and see us in Suite 440 if you need additional assistance.

Rich Forbes
Systems Administrator - Campbell School of Law
919-865-5890 (office)
910-977-8780 (cell)

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Campbell Advantage Advisor/Advisee Pairings and Room Assignments More ▼

Click here to find your faculty advisor.

Click here to find your room assignments for Campbell Advantage sessions.

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Section Assignments More ▼

Full-Time 1L Section Assignments

Clarification on LRW Sections

Please see chart below for corresponding number/letter LRW sections.

Course Section/Title

LAW-553-51 (A)/LRW II

LAW-553-52 (B)/LRW II

LAW-553-53 (C)/LRW II

LAW-553-54 (D) /LRW II

LAW-553-55 (E)/LRW II

LAW-553-56 (F)/LRW II

LAW-553-57 (G) /LRW II

LAW-553-58 (H)/LRW II

LAW-553-59 (I)/LRW II

LAW-553-60 (J)/LRW II

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Parking at Campbell Law More ▼

Parking is available for all students.  1Ls park in the Powerhouse Deck, 2.5 blocks away from the law school.  The university charges a mandatory parking fee of $350/year to every student.

1L Parking Assignments

Powerhouse Deck Information and Parking Instructions


Automobile Registration Form

Parking and Locker Information

We will have locker assignments and keys for pick up on Friday in the Pope Foyer along with parking tags/cards appropriate for the deck to which you have been assigned. Following are some more instructions on parking.

All 1L’s have been assigned to spaces in two decks a few blocks north of the Law School building: Powerhouse Deck or 510 Glenwood Deck. Attached is the list of students with the parking assignment denoted. I have also included a map showing the locations of these decks. I have made arrangements with the deck administrators for you to access the decks Friday morning without any cards as well as to exit in the afternoon. Once your ID’s are made, we will provide those numbers, so you can use your student ID for the Powerhouse Deck. Those parking in the 510 Glenwood Deck will have a special access card which will be provided in your packet to be picked up on Friday.

Both decks are within an easy walking distance of the Law School, but the 510 Glenwood Deck is also on the R Line, which is a free Downtown bus that runs every 15 minutes from the deck down Glenwood to the Law School block. The map shows the R Line route, and I have also attached information on the R Line for you use. You can also go online for more information.

Powerhouse Deck – 513 West Jones Street (at corner of Jones and West Streets): Available from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Access entrance closest to railroad track and proceed to the top of the deck. Campbell is allotted spaces on the top two levels. Park in spaces that you can see sky above your car, either on the top deck or along the ramp leading to the top deck. When that level is full drop down to the level immediately below. Parking in other locations in the deck will result in a ticket or booting. Attached is some information concerning the procedures for parking in this deck. Please note that the orange Campbell tag needs to be hung from your rear view mirror and be visible to deck attendants from the front of your car.

510 Glenwood Deck – 510 Glenwood Avenue (between Tucker and Johnson Streets): Available from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Access is granted with a special card that will be included in your parking/locker packet. The deck entrance is in the middle of the block off Tucker Street and can be accessed from either Glenwood Avenue or West Street. Park in any available space not reserved or denoted for handicapped. The R-Line stops at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood, just a few feet from the deck entrance. As indicated, information is attached on the deck location and the R-Line. Let me know if you have any questions. Please note that the orange Campbell tag needs to be hung from your rear view mirror and be visible to deck attendants from the front of your car.

Starting each day Monday through Friday at 3:45 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday, you will be allowed to park in the garage below the Law School building (entrance off Morgan Street) or on the upper deck near the security entrance. Also, the garage will be open after 3:00 pm on Friday, August 5th if you would like to move your car before you go to the Dean’s picnic at Haywood Hall.

Please e-mail any questions or ask when you pick up your tags and locker keys on Friday.


Ms. Davenport 

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Have You Moved? More ▼

If you have relocated, please be sure to provide your updated mailing address, phone, email, etc. to Jannelle so we can update our records.

You may simply email your updated contact information to 

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Class Schedule and Academic Calendar More ▼
Law Library More ▼

The law library is a vital part of your law school education. You will meet the librarians and receive an introduction to the library during orientation. In the meantime, please look over this guide to familiarize yourself with the resources available to you.

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Textbooks More ▼

Fall 2016 1L Textbook List 

Instructions for orders through Campbell University's Barnes and Noble book seller

Authorization to Transfer Funds - for students using loan money to pay for books from CU's Barnes and Noble book seller

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Financial Aid / E-Refunds More ▼

Accepting your Loans

You are now able to accept your 2016-2017 loans online via WebAdvisor.   You will be notified by the University's Office of Financial Aid once your loans are awarded and ready to be accepted.  This notification will be delivered via your Campbell University email.  You may view a checklist of loan requirements on WebAdvisor.


All refunds for the Fall semester for everyone will be processed through TouchNet; therefore, you will need to sign up for e-refunds via the TouchNet portal. Please have this completed by August 1st .  The e-refund set up  document will walk you through the process step by step.

Financial Aid Disbursements

The Business Office generally processes financial aid refunds during the last week of August.  After refunds are processed, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the funds to reach your bank account. Incorrect banking information entered into the portal will delay the process, so it is imperative that you enter all account information accurately.

Questions?  Please contact Lisa Clark, Asst. Director of Financial Aid, at or 919.865.5990.

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