Mentorship Program

Campbell Law Connections

The Campbell Law Connections mentor program was announced in November 2013. The program, which partners students with practicing legal professionals, aims to expose students to valuable learning opportunities and experiences. Mentees develop meaningful professional relationships and a more thorough understanding of the responsibilities and ethics demanded by the practice of law under the tutelage of a mentor. Connections builds upon Campbell Law’s professionalism focus that permeates its core curriculum.

Campbell Law Assistant Dean of External Relations Megan West Sherron, a 2010 Campbell Law graduate, serves as program director.

The program is a joint endeavor between Campbell Law and the Wake County Bar Association.

Connections received a 2016 E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award from the American Bar Association. The Award honors excellence and innovation in professionalism programs by law schools, bar associations, professionalism commissions and other law-related organizations. In selecting Connections, the Gambrell Award Judges and selection committee found the program to represent an exemplary law student and new lawyer mentoring program model, embracing best practices and effective strategies, as well as a model bar/law school partnership for others to follow.

Connections began with a pilot phase during the Spring 2014 semester with 40 third-year students and 10 newly-minted attorneys from the Tenth Judicial District Bar serving as mentees. Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, the program opened to the entire third-year class, as well as more attorneys from the Tenth Judicial District Bar. Connections will also expand from one semester to the entire academic year. More than one hundred established and seasoned practicing legal professionals have agreed to serve as mentors for the program.

All mentors have been selected from the Tenth Judicial District Bar and include representation from solo practitioners, large-scale law firms, government-sector attorneys, in-house corporate counsel, non-profit counsel, and other practitioners. Mentors maintain regular contact with the program director to report on the development and status of the mentor/mentee relationship throughout the course of the program.

For more information please contact:

Megan West Sherron
Assistant Dean of External Relations