Our School

Campbell Law School is a unique community of diverse individuals brought together by a singular purpose—to use the practice of law in order to create a more just and merciful society. We are dedicated to creating compassionate lawyers who are fully prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Why Campbell Law?

A leader in bar passage. An incredible location. An atmosphere of support. An active, engaged, and successful alumni network. That’s why.

Bar Passage Success


  • Campbell Law is the only law school in North Carolina’s capital city, and we’re directly in the heart of the action.
  • Raleigh was recently named “America’s Best City” and was labeled the second fastest growing city in the country.
  • Our location offers unlimited opportunities. Within blocks of campus, you’ll find the state Supreme Court, court of appeals, capitol and legislative offices, county courthouse, city hall, and countless law offices and organizations.

Peer Mentoring

  • We’re committed to fostering a supportive and compassionate internal community.
  • If you attend Campbell Law this fall, you’ll be assigned to a peer mentoring group comprised of second- and third-year students who volunteer to serve as advisors for new students.
  • Peer mentoring groups hold activities throughout the year and provide a structure of encouragement guidance, support, and friendship.

Active Alumni Network

  • The majority of our 4,300 alumni practice in North Carolina, many in nearby areas.
  • Our alumni remain active and engaged with the law school.
  • Our alumni take care of their own, frequently hiring Campbell Law students for externships and permanent jobs.
  • Our alumni directory is full of success stories. Campbell Law graduates serve as civic and business leaders, especially throughout North Carolina, where more than 15 district attorneys and the current North Carolina Secretary of State hold degrees from Campbell Law.
  • Campbell Law graduates also hold positions of influence in the local legal community. Two Campbell Law graduates serve as judges on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, while many more sit on superior and district courts.