Program Learning Outcomes

The Mission

Campbell University School of Law is a highly demanding, purposely small, intensely personal community of faculty and students whose aim—guided by transcendent values—is to develop lawyers who [i] possess moral conviction, [ii] social compassion, and [iii] professional competence, who view the practice of law as a [iv] calling to serve others and [v] to create a more just society.

Campbell University School of Law Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, and in connection with the subjects of the law school’s required curriculum, students will possess the following core competencies, in accordance with American Bar Association (ABA Standard 302(a)):

  1. Solve legal problems by correctly identifying legal issues and applying relevant rules of law.
  2. Justify legal conclusions and solutions to legal problems using research, written advocacy, and oral advocacy skills.
  3. Demonstrate professional judgment in the analysis and ethical resolution of client problems.
  4. Demonstrate professional skills, including but not limited to respect and civility, for competently and ethically representing clients.