Bar Success

Campbell Law’s commitment to its students does not end at graduation. We are dedicated to the support of every graduate in achieving the next step in their legal career. Our goal is always to have every student pass the bar exam. At Campbell Law, each student is an individual and every career goal matters. In support of that measure, Assistant Dean of Academic Support and Bar Success Sha Hinds-Glick offers a unique bar preparation program designed to supplement the traditional bar review course. Individual tutoring is also available to students. The course is offered to support students for both the July and February bar exams.

Bar Passage Data

ABA Bar Exam Outcomes

ABA Ultimate Bar Passage Rate

2019: 98.13%

2018: 94.53%

2017: 93.48%

North Carolina Bar Passage Rate

2021: 81.01%

2020: 92.5%

2019: 91.35%

2018: 67.89%

2017: 83.33%

2016: 70.21%

2015: 77.87%

2014: 85.61%

2013: 81.82%

2012: 94.53%

2011: 91.94%

2010: 84.44%

2009: 90.48%

(July N.C. Bar Exam, first-time takers)