Academic Support

Photo of graduate with her family at hooding ceremony at Campbell Law School, August 9, 2020.

Campbell Law School invests in your academic success as soon as you arrive on campus by providing the guidance, support, and resources necessary to achieve and maximize success.

Director of Academic Support & Bar Success Sha Hinds-Glick meets with students individually to implement study skills, review academic performance, discuss course selection, and provide feedback on practice essays and multiple choice questions.

Academic Support & Bar Success Program Opportunities

  • Multiple workshops for 1L students to assist with the transition to law school
  • Extensive writing assistance on rule synthesis, and legal analysis
  • Two bar exam vendor courses on site
  • A unique bar exam essay writing course


“I graduated from Campbell Law in 1996 and was licensed in Virginia. When I moved back to North Carolina, I had not taken a bar exam in 17 years. The Campbell bar prep class taught by Sha Hinds-Glick was invaluable to me. The schedule for the multi-state and essay portion of the exam kept me on track and focused. The timed, graded essays allowed me to approach that section of the exam with confidence. Ms. Hinds-Glick was able to tailor portions of the class to my specific needs, and was available to answer questions and give constructive feedback. I highly recommend this program for recent grads as well as lawyers who are seeking a North Carolina license.” — Jennifer Carroll

“Campbell’s bar preparation program helped me successfully study for and pass two state (N.C. & Va.) bar exams. Without the additional support from Sha Hinds-Glick with the Campbell Law Academic Support program, bar review would have been far more tedious. My stress levels were lower and I felt more prepared than the other schools’ graduates during both exams. The time and effort that is put into preparing Campbell Law graduates for the bar exam speaks to the dedication of the university in ensuring student success well after graduation.” — Autumn Agans

“Campbell Law’s bar preparation program is truly unparalleled. Ms. Hinds-Glick and her team offer a unique and rigorous essay class, coupled with a one-on-one program designed to thoroughly prepare you for the bar examination. From the bi-weekly feedback on essays to a checklist of items to bring to the examination, Campbell Law never missed a beat. Personally, I have never felt more prepared for an examination as I did for the bar examination knowing I had received the best education and preparation for the biggest exam of my life, which is a direct result of Campbell Law’s bar preparation program.” — Emily Zimmer Moree