Campbell FLEX

A life-changing degree at your pace.

The Campbell FLEX program enables entering law students to earn a Juris Doctor degree by taking fewer hours each semester than required by the full time program.

Campbell FLEX students experience:

  • The same classes, faculty and renowned resources enjoyed by traditional students
  • A schedule based on your personal and professional needs
  • Zero employment restrictions, allowing FLEX students to work full time while pursuing their law degree
  • Our convenient downtown Raleigh campus

Campbell FLEX is perfect for:

  • Working professionals looking to advance their careers without leaving their current jobs
  • Paralegals eager to move to the next level in a legal career
  • Real estate and service professionals who want greater control of their business
  • Parents and caregivers with high ambitions but limited free time
  • Individuals who couldn’t go directly from undergrad to law school
  • Individuals who work for companies offering support for continued education
  • Students who cannot commit to a traditional course load due to personal and professional obligations
  • Individuals who have taken the LSAT in recent years, but haven’t enrolled in law school

Throughout the first two years of study under Campbell FLEX, students are required to complete the standard first-year curriculum. Students must then complete the same course work required of traditional students.

Campbell FLEX participants must complete all degree requirements within 84 months, take at least five credit hours in each fall and spring semester, and take no more than nine credit hours in each fall and spring semester. A student may at any time, subsequent to completing the first-year curriculum, elect to become a full-time student by enrolling in more than nine credit hours in a single semester.

For a complete and thorough outline of Campbell FLEX, download the detailed program description.

Campbell FLEX is NOT an evening or night program.

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