Our Technology

Setting the stage

The technology infrastructure at Campbell Law is second to none, meeting the needs of our students and providing them with the tools to access, explore, and research. Campbell Law boasts a completely wireless campus network with printing accessibility and individual file storage access.

Blackboard: A resource for students to access classroom recordings, communicate with fellow students, distribute documents and information, collect digital copies of submitted materials, and create interactive forums, such as the ‘virtual courthouse’ where students file their pleadings, motions, and other papers as their case progresses through litigation.

Courtroom Component: Serves as a laboratory for learning and experimenting with state-of-the-art technology comparable to a real-world courtroom, allowing students to display documents, photos, and video in support of expert testimony, using touch-screen monitors to annotate exhibits and present persuasive arguments.

Info Boards: Several flat screen televisions adorn all four floors of the law school, displaying timely information, speaker and community service opportunities, and school-related news and events to the campus community at all times.

Tegrity: Allows professors to capture audio, video, and screen output during class and make a compiled video available to students.

Turning Point: ‘Clickers’ provide an opportunity for classroom polling and instant feedback by allowing students to respond and see the results.