Our Students

Campbell Law is one of the smallest ABA-accredited private law schools in the country. With a limited first-year enrollment, students enjoy the many advantages of a law school that remains purposely small. Our size enables students to build a network of relationships that extends far beyond graduation.

Drawn from across the country, our student body represents varied ethnic and social backgrounds. Each new class combines students directly out of undergraduate school, those with graduate degrees and students pursuing second professional careers. This diversity enriches the character of the student body and each student’s educational experience.

“The passion of Campbell Law students, their commitment to the law, and their desire to serve the public is unequaled. I am continually impressed with their writing, presentation and research skills as well as their desire to go above and beyond what is asked of them in order to ensure that the best possible work is delivered.”

— Christine Mumma, Executive Director, North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence