How to apply for financial assistance

Application Process

Step one

All applicants applying for federal student loans must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Campbell Law’s federal school code is 002913.

This form is available online at A new form must be completed and submitted each year. It is recommended that applicants complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. Please note that all law students are considered independent for FAFSA purposes, even if their parents still claim them as dependent.

Step two

Upon completion of the FAFSA, the Campbell Law School Financial Aid Office will email a financial aid packet detailing the students’ federal loan eligibility. Students may view and make any acceptance or rejection of aid via Student Self Service.

Step three

Along with loan authorization forms, all applicants are required to complete loan entrance counseling and Master Promissory Notes (MPN). If an applicant is interested in a Stafford Loan, he or she must complete the Stafford MPN. Applicants who wish to accept a Graduate PLUS Loan must complete the Graduate PLUS application and Graduate PLUS MPN. Every student applying for a federal loan must also complete the online loan entrance counseling. All Stafford and Graduate PLUS loan requirements must be completed online at Campbell Law School is not able to certify any federal loan until all of the above requirements are completed by the student.

If all the steps are met in a timely manner, an applicant’s loan monies should arrive towards the end of August. When the funds arrive at the university, the Bursar’s Office will deduct tuition and fees first. If a student has excess funds after tuition and fees, he or she may request those funds as a financial aid refund.

Financial Aid Refund

In addition to requesting financial aid to cover tuition and other required costs, students often request additional funds to use for living expenses. Thus, the total financial aid credited to a student’s account frequently exceeds the semester’s total expenses. These credit balances may be applied to payment of the following semester’s expenses, or students may request a refund of such balances.

Students requesting a financial aid refund must first sign up for a direct deposit. All you have to do is log into your WebAccess account, click on the Touchnet link, sign in using the same login as Web Access, and click on the eRefunds link. See eRefund Instructions >

Once your account information is submitted, all of your financial aid refunds from that point will be directly deposited into the account you specified. Just sign up for e-Refund once… and your funds will automatically be deposited as soon as they become available each semester.

Authorization to transfer funds

Students may also transfer excess funds to their Campbell Card in order to purchase textbooks, make purchases at the coffee shop, or to print. In order to do so, students must complete the Authorization to Transfer Funds Form. Please be aware that any unused dollars transferred to your card will remain there until the end of the spring term.