Campbell Law School / NC State Dual Degree Programs

Campbell Law School and NC State both enjoy solid reputations nationally, as well as within the local community. So it made perfect sense for the two leaders in education to form strong partnerships when Campbell Law relocated to Raleigh in 2009.

Campbell Law now boasts four dual degree programs with NC State.

The Juris Doctor and Master of Accounting Program

The JD/MAC program, a partnership with NC State University’s Poole College of Management. instills students with legal skills, business acumen, critical thinking, ethical conviction and intellectual leadership in a global and technology-savvy marketplace. Ideal students will hold an undergraduate degree in accounting but this is not required. Prospective students will be prepared for a competitive advantage in corporate, financial and government positions as well as other employers who seek attorneys and counselors well-grounded in accounting, tax and business principles. Six hours of accounting classes will be applied towards the JD, while 12 hours of law classes will count towards the Jenkins MAC degree.

The Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration Program

The JD/MBA program equips students with legal skill, ethical conviction and intellectual leadership, alongside a relevant and timely focus on technology, innovation, business processes, and practical applications. With a flexible and individualized program of study, the JD/MBA arms students with a broad understanding of a number of different disciplines. As a result, students are uniquely well prepared to serve as business and civic leaders in an ever-growing global marketplace.

The Juris Doctor and Master of Public Administration Program

The JD/MPA program was the first dual degree program of its kind between separate institutions of higher learning in North Carolina. The program provides an exceptional legal education while preparing students to enter or advance in a range of public service leadership posts, including positions within legislative staffs and government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions.

The Juris Doctor & Master of Social Work Program

A joint offering with NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the JD/MSW program will prepare successful graduates for a diverse range of careers in law, government, nonprofit organizations, teaching, and research. Graduates will be poised to make significant impacts and contributions towards the legal and social welfare of citizens, and will have the ability to identify and address problems faced by individuals, families, and communities. The program enables students to earn both degrees in four years of full-time study, rather than the usual five. Students must apply and be accepted to both universities. They will typically spend the first two years of study at Campbell Law, the third year at NC State, and the fourth year back at Campbell Law.