On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews (OCI) and Resume Collects

Each semester the Career Center organizes an on-campus interview program that connects law firms, judges, government agencies, public interest organizations and corporations with students for internships/externships, summer employment, and full-time employment opportunities.

For employers that are unable to visit campus for OCI, the Career Center provides a resume collection or virtual interview option.

Fall OCI season: Typically the first week of August through first week of November
Spring OCI season: Typically first full week of January through first week of April

Reminder, not all employers recruit through on-campus interviews (OCI) and resume collections (RC). Do not rely solely on these programs. Do your own diligent job search during and after OCI season. We are here to help!

“Campbell’s unwavering parallel commitment to an academically challenging curriculum and practical professional skills enhancement produces competent, well-rounded lawyers who are capable of grasping the many nuances of the legal profession early in their careers. Campbell graduates’ commitment to the profession, as well as the communities in which they practice and live, serves as an example all lawyers should strive to emulate.” —Judd Welborn, Manning Fulton & Skinner, P. A.