Judicial Clerkships

A judicial clerkship is one of the most valuable experiences a Campbell Law School graduate can pursue following graduation. Judicial clerks have the benefit of an on-the-job education that also serves as a stepping-stone into the legal market. It can be a significant asset to your legal career, regardless of which specialty or position you pursue. Moreover, a judicial clerkship is a valuable life experience in itself—one that offers a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a courtroom into the practical workings of a judge’s chambers.

Students interested in clerkships should speak with Mallory Underwood, Director of the Career Center, who also serves as the judicial clerkship advisor in the Career Center. Contact her at munderwood@campbell.edu or 919-865-4689.

Below is a beginning list of resources for students who intend to apply for a judicial clerkship.

Judicial Clerkship Guide

Visit Blackboard to gain access to the comprehensive Judicial Clerkship Guide.

Faculty Who Served Clerkships

Visit the following link to view a list of Campbell Law School faculty who once served as judicial clerks and are happy to talk with students about their experiences: Faculty Who Served as Clerks (Fall 2022).

Online System for Clerkship Application & Review (OSCAR)

Online System for Clerkship Application & Review (OSCAR) is the central database of federal clerkship vacancies and application procedures managed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

Judicial System Resources

National Center of State Courts

North Carolina Court System

North Carolina Business Court