Pro Bono Council

Campbell Law School strives to produce highly competent, deeply compassionate lawyers who view the practice of law as a calling to serve others. We want our graduates not only to scholastically excel, but also to live unselfishly, considering the needs of others as more important than their own. Particular emphasis therefore is given to practicing the highest ideals of integrity and civility, seeking transformative justice, promoting reconciliation, and helping those who are most in need of our assistance. In this way, our graduates can become effective advocates for legal and social justice, both in their local communities and in other parts of the world. The Pro Bono Council works closely with the Director of Student Life & Pro Bono Opportunities and the faculty Pro Bono Publico  Committee to develop and implement opportunities for students to participate in pro bono service.

Photo of the Pro Bono Council members on the law school steps


In furtherance of Campbell Law School’s mission and the acknowledgment that the practice of law is a profound calling, the mission of the student led Pro Bono Council is to educate students on the nature and importance of serving the underserved through:

  • Creating a life-long commitment to pro bono work and volunteerism among Campbell Law students;
  • Embracing Volunteerism and Community Service partnerships in the Raleigh area;
  • Developing alliances and volunteering with organizations providing legal needs to those in need; and
  • Assisting lawyers who provide high quality, low-cost legal services to individuals in need.

For more information contact:
Regina Chavis
Assistant Dean of Student Life, Pro Bono Opportunities & Belonging
(919) 865-4696 or


The Pro Bono Council at Campbell Law School was informally started by two students in 2009 and subsequently became a formalized group in the fall of 2010. The Pro Bono Council is comprised of council leadership and student coordinator for each project.