Accepted Students Information

Law School's Pavilion Entrance

Casual Dinner Hosted by Dean Leonard and Dr. Cain

Dean J. Rich Leonard and his wife, Dr. Whitney Cain, would like to cordially invite the incoming first-year law students to a casual dinner at Haywood Hall on August 4, 2023. You are welcome to bring up to two guests. Registration form will be in your email. 

Important Information

No-Work Rule

Full-time Campbell Law students are not permitted to work during their first year of law school. Students are permitted to work during winter break and summer breaks. During the subsequent years of law school, students enrolled full-time may not work more than 20 hours per week. 

This restriction does not apply to those enrolled in the FLEX program. 

Welcome Week: Orientation & Campbell Advantage

Orientation is scheduled to begin August 4, 2023 and will continue August 7-11, 2023. Welcome Week is mandatory. Please plan any vacations, weddings, etc. accordingly not to interfere with these dates. Fall classes begin August 14, 2023. A Welcome Week Schedule will be emailed to you.

Admissions Updates

You will begin receiving monthly admissions checklists starting in May. In the meantime, please join in on our virtual events

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are completed during orientation. 

Professional Courtroom Attire Guidelines 

Business suits or business separates, including a jacket. Professional shoes are also required. It is not recommended to wear heels higher than 2.5 inches. 

A note from the Campbell University Bursar’s Office 

We will not begin transferring funds for books until August. Students are welcome to send the requests now and we will hold them but no funds will be placed on the cards until August.



Below you will find FAQs surrounding Covid-19 and starting with us in the fall:

How will fall 2023 classes operate?

We are planning on in-person courses in the fall. This is always subject to change in accordance with pandemic conditions. 

Do you allow deferrals?

Yes. We understand that these are strange and unpredictable times. If you would like to defer your acceptance until the next academic year, we can do so. Understand that any scholarships awarded are not eligible for deferral, but once you let us know of your intent to enroll by February 2024, we will reevaluate your file for scholarship consideration. If you wish to defer, please contact us directly at to request.

Do I need to pay my seat deposit to defer?

No. We strongly encourage you to, but it is not required.

My school has moved to pass/fail grades. Will this impact my admission?

No, not unless there are extreme circumstances. We understand that universities are handling grading in all different manners and we also understand that there may be other stressors impacting your performance. Should you receive all failing grades, then we may need to reevaluate your admission, but otherwise, pass/fail grades will not impact your admission.

I intended on taking the LSAT-Flex to improve my score for scholarship purposes. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! You can still do so to raise your score and scholarship eligibility.

What about financial aid? How can I get an idea about financial aid coverage?

If you would like an idea of what your financial aid package will look like, please contact Ms. Lisa Clark ( While we don’t have exact numbers just yet, we can create an estimated package for you.

I’m committed to Campbell, but now how do I find housing if I’m not familiar with Raleigh?

This is a great question, and housing is a question we always get. I encourage you to join our Campbell Law Student Housing Facebook Group. Use your class GroupMe page, too. Last, if you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of places but have questions, post those in the housing group, because I guarantee other students have had the same questions or have the experience to answer them. You can also always reach out to us!

Last, if you’re new to Raleigh, our Getting to Know Raleigh guide will help. This guide was created from feedback from our current students. 

What about parking? What is that like for students?

As downtown continues to grow, parking continues to become more limited. We are committed to making sure that our students can park. We do not require purchasing parking, so if you live close enough to Campbell Law, there is no need. Our designated parking areas are within walking distance to Campbell Law. 

Buying a New Computer?

*Updated 7-17-22*

Laptop Recommendations: Please have a laptop that is not more than 2 years old  

For instructions on accessing WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and Campbell Gmail, please refer to the Computing Services Guide.  

Note that your email address will contain the first letter of your first name, first letter of your middle name, last name and day/month of birth. This is the default format.  

  • Example: James Yacovelli 
  • Email: j_yacovelli0415 (I have a “dash” because I have NO middle name ) 

If you encounter an issue while setting up your user ID/email address, try substituting an underscore for your middle initial. If that doesn’t work, please contact the HelpDesk at 

Two Factor Authentication Setup: You all have been “enrolled” in Campbell’s more “secure” web experience called MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication; AKA “2-Step Verification”), but you HAVE TO REGISTER (should have received two (2) emails on this) before you can log\sign in to either process.  

  • 2-Step Verification registration for your Campbell Gmail account (must register) 
  • And 2-Step verification registration to access Blackboard, Self Service, SSO (must register) 

Once you register for each, you can then log into your Campbell Gmail and the Campbell Law webpage for Blackboard. So remember, there are two (2) registration processes to setup “MFA – 2 Step Authentication” for verification; one for Gmail, the other for Blackboard.  


  1. Gmail: 
  1. Blackboard (Self Service – SSO “Single Sign On”): 
  1. Once you go to this website, you will be prompted to setup 2-Step verification 
  • You can use your cell phone as the 2nd step (MFA – Multi Function Authentication) 
  • You can choose a basic text message for a verification code (easiest option) 
  • OR download the MS App (as if you don’t have enough apps on your phone… ? or  

Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 Pro will allow you to access Office products from up to 5 computers and up to 5 mobile devices. You also have the option of accessing the Office products from any computer through using just your web browser.   

NOTE: It is important that you uninstall any existing versions of Office that we have provided you, before installing Office 365 Pro. This process will not affect any saved documents on your hard drive. 

To install Office 365 

For mobile devices (Apple and Android) 

  • Apple – Install the MS Office app from the App Store for Apple devices  
  • Android – Install the MS Office app from the Google Play Store for Android devices 

The laptop and cellphone versions of MS Office will both use your new Campbell\Microsoft Live email account you created when setting up your student Gmail on your laptop\desktop computer. 

We have created instructions for ALL the technology processes and placed them on the IT Help page.    

We would also strongly encourage you to continue to use Google Drive for storing documents, files, photos, etc., or if a Macbook user you have the option of using Apple’s iCloud.  

This Google plugin will make saving and backing up files easier from within MS Office applications, like Word, Excel, and PowePoint and Adobe:  

At any time, please call, email or stop by IT Suite 440 (4th floor) for any further assistance or clarification.

James Yacovelli 
Endpoint Analyst 
919-865-5890 (office)  

Larry Essary 

Law School IT Director 

919-865-4681 (Office) 




  • Faculty Advisor/Advisees TBA
  • Peer Mentor Pairings TBA
  • Section Assignments – Check your Student Self-Service 
  • Legal Writing Section Assignments TBA


Facility Information

Parking is available for all students. 1Ls park in the Powerhouse Deck. The university charges a parking fee of $500/year which is billed to your account.

Parking and Locker Information

We will have locker assignments and keys for pick up during Orientation in the Pope Foyer. After registering for parking, you will be issued a Campbell Law parking sticker and assigned a lot or deck to park in for the year. 

Powerhouse Deck – 513 West Jones Street (at corner of Jones and West Streets): Available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Access entrance closest to railroad track and proceed to the top of the deck. Campbell is allotted spaces on the top two levels. Park in spaces that you can see sky above your car, either on the top deck or along the ramp leading to the top deck. When that level is full drop down to the level immediately below. Parking in other locations in the deck will result in a ticket or booting. 

Starting each day Monday through Friday at 3:45 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday, you will be allowed to park in the garage below the Law School building (entrance off Morgan Street), and on the upper deck near the security entrance. 

Please e-mail any questions to Mr. Ranieri

Campbell School of Law – 2023 Housing Guide

If you have relocated since applying to Campbell Law, please use the form below to update your contact information. 

Update Contact Information Form 

If your name has changed, please use the form below to change your name. Note that your email address will remain the same. 

Demographic Information Update Form

The law library is a vital part of your law school education. You will meet the librarians and receive an introduction to the library during orientation. In the meantime, please look over this guide to familiarize yourself with the resources available to you.

Textbook List

Instructions for textbook orders through Campbell University’s Barnes and Noble bookseller

Authorization to Transfer Funds – for students using loan money to pay for books from CU’s Barnes and Noble bookseller. Scroll down and click on “Transfer Book Bucks.”

Accepting your Loans

You will be notified by the University’s Office of Financial Aid once your loans are awarded and ready to be accepted. This notification will be delivered via your Campbell University email. You may view a checklist of loan requirements on WebAdvisor.


All refunds for the Fall semester for everyone will be processed through TouchNet; therefore, you will need to sign up for e-refunds via the TouchNet portal. Please have this completed by August 1st . The e-refund set up guide will walk you through the process step by step.

Financial Aid Disbursements

The Bursar’s Office generally processes financial aid refunds during the last week of August. After refunds are processed, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the funds to reach your bank account. Incorrect banking information entered into the portal will delay the process, so it is imperative that you enter all account information accurately.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Clark, Asst. Director of Financial Aid, at or 919.865.5990.