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While the decision to hire an attorney is a significant investment for any employer, you can be assured that, when an attorney is a graduate of Campbell Law School, you are investing wisely. Our rigorous curriculum equips students with both a theoretical understanding of the law and the practical skills needed to add value to your organization. Our graduates make great lawyers.

Recruiting at Campbell Law

The Career & Professional Development Center welcomes the opportunity to assist your organization in coordinating recruiting efforts. The information on this page should provide you with everything you need for scheduling on-campus interviews (OCIs), virtual interviews, resume collections and internships or full-time job postings.

Following are a few options:

  • To post any type of employment opportunity (internships, externships, part and full-time positions, entry-level and lateral positions), create a free employer Symplicity account and post directly on our site.
  • On-Campus Interviews (OCI): The Career Center staff will advertise your employment opportunity, collect requested application materials from candidates for your prescreening, and coordinate on-campus interviews for selected candidates. To schedule an On-Campus Interview click here.
  • Resume Collection (RC): The Career Center staff advertise will advertise the employment opportunity, collect requested application materials from candidates and forward to you. You can screen and contact candidates directly to interview with you at your leisure. To schedule a Resume Collection click here.
  • Virtual Interviews: The Career Center has state-of-the-art equipment in each of the interview rooms to allow you to connect with students via online streaming or video conferencing. If you cannot come on-campus, virtual interviews will allow you to interview strong candidates from your office or home. We will help with coordinating.
  • Direct Job Postings (Internships or Full-Time Employment): The Career Center staff will advertise the employment opportunity with instructions on how to apply directly to your office. To post a job for a current law student click here. To post a job for a graduate/alumni click here.

If you want to learn more about these recruiting opportunities or have any questions as to how to connect with the talent of Campbell Law, please email lawcareercenter@campbell.edu.

Campbell Law School Class Rank Percentages/Grading System Information

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Fall 2022 OCI Process
EMPLOYERS – Navigating the Symplicity System


See the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy

Fall 2022 On-Campus Interview & Resume Collect Program

Phase 1

August 1 – August 5

July 15

Phase 2

August 8 – August 12

July 22

Phase 3

August 15 – August 19

July 29

Phase 4

September 6 – September 9

August 19

Phase 5

September 12 – September 16

August 26

Fall 2022 OCI – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are reserved for in-person interviews. Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for virtual interviews.

For Fall 2022 Resume Collect – All resume packets will be sent on the designated date. Employers will then schedule interviews on their own timeline.